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Pistachio Churros


  • For The Pistachio Custard
  • 65g Icing Sugar
  • 125ml Full-Fat Milk    
  • 5 Large Free-Range Egg Yolks
  • 25g Salted Butter
  • 100g Cocoburst Pistachio Spread

For The Churros

  • 4 Tsp Sugar
  • 165g Salted Butter
  • ½ Tsp Salt
  • 225g Plain Flour, Sifted
  • 4 Large Free-Range Eggs
  • 1½ Tsp Vanilla Extract
  • Vegetable Oil, For Deep Frying
  • 100g Vanilla Sugar, For Coating The Churros


  • In A Saucepan, Warm The Milk Until Just Under The Boiling Point.
  • Meanwhile, Add The Egg Yolks .Pulse Or Stir Until Well Combined, Then Slowly Add The Hot Milk Until Combined. Pour The Mixture Into A Saucepan And Warm Gently, Stirring Constantly, Until Very Thick. Stir In The Butter Until Melted And Well Incorporated.
  • Push The Mixture Through A Sieve To Remove Any Lumps. If Using, Then Add Pistachio Spread. Cover The Surface With Cling Film, Pressing It Down To Prevent A Skin Forming. Store In The Fridge Until Ready To Use.
  • For The Churros, Put The Sugar, Butter, Salt And 325ml Water In A Medium Saucepan. Bring To The Boil, Tip In All The Flour And Beat Until The Mixture Comes Away From The Sides Of The Pan. Remove From The Heat And Set Aside To Cool (To Prevent The Eggs From Curdling When You Add Them). Add The Eggs One At A Time, Beating Well After Each Addition. Stir In The Vanilla Extract.
  • Preheat A Deep-Fat Fryer To 375F Or Heat A Large Heavy Based Pan Filled Half-Full With Oil Until It Reaches 375F On A Cook’s Thermometer. (CAUTION: Hot Oil Can Be Dangerous. Do Not Leave Unattended.) Line Three Baking Trays With Baking Parchment.
  • Transfer The Cooled Mixture To A Large Piping Bag Fitted With Large Star Nozzle. Pipe Out 4in Lines Of The Churros Mixture Onto The Prepared Baking Trays. When Piping You Can Cut The Ends With Scissors To Create A Neat Finish. Place In The Freezer For 10 Minutes To Set The Shape.
  • Carefully Lower The Churros Into The Hot Oil. (CAUTION: Do Not Allow The Oil To Get Too Hot As This May Cause The Churros To Explode. Protect Yourself From Splashes Of Hot Oil And Keep Your Face Away From The Pan.) Fry In Batches Of Four For Approximately 6 Minutes, Turning Halfway Through, Or Until Golden-Brown. Remove The Churros With A Slotted Spoon And Drain On Kitchen Paper.
  • Pour The Vanilla Sugar Onto A Large Plate And Roll The Cooked Churros In The Sugar To Coat.
  • Fit A Piping Bag With A Small Plain Piping Nozzle And Fill With The Pistachio Spread. Make A Hole The Length Of The Churro Using A Skewer, Then Fill The Churros. Repeat For All The Churros.
  • Dip Each End Of The Churros In The Pistachio Spread And Sprinkle With Chopped Pistachios



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