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Due To a Rise in Temperature, Couvertures Being Sensitive We Can Only Offer Them at THE CHOCOLATE SHOP at Nariman Point

Chocolate Malpua Sandwich

Ingredients (4 Sandwiches)
•All Purpose Flour - 1/2cup
•Semolina - 2tbsp
•Milk Powder - 1/2cup
•Baking Powder - 1/4tsp
•Salt - A Pinch
•Crushed Fennel Seeds - 1/2tsp
•Milk - 1/2cup & 2tbsp
•Chocolate Ganache - 3tbsp
•Oil/Ghee - For Frying
•Sugar Syrup - 1string Sugar Syrup (Prepare Accordingly)

•Crushed Cashews & Almonds - 1/2cup
•Couverture Chocolate Buttons - 1/3cup
•Dried Rose Petals - 1tbsp
•Chocolate Ganache - 1tbsp

•Silver Vark
•Dried Rose Petals - For Garnishing

•For the Malpuas, Prepare a Batter Using the Ingredients Mentioned Above. Made a Thick Batter As Shown.
•Also Prepare Sugar Syrup Simultaneously. It Should Be Of 1string Consistency.
•For the Stuffing, Mix the Ingredients Together as Mentioned Above.
•Next, Heat Oil/Ghee & Fry the Malpuas.
•Dunk in the Sugar Syrup; Take it Out After Soaking it Properly.
•For Layering, First Take A Malpua, Put The Stuffing in the Centre, & Sandwich it with Another Malpua.
•Once All Done, Garnish with Silver Vark & Rose Petals. Enjoy Hot!

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