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Chocolate Badam Katli Tart

Ingredients :
Almond flour ( 2 cups )
Milkmaid ( milk powder in milk )
Date syrup (4 tblspn )
Ghee (2tblspn)
Fresh cream (2 tblspn )
Cardamom powder ( 1 tblspn )
Chocolate conventure @jindalcocoa
Chocolate Ganache @jindalcocoa

Procedure :

. First let's prepare Badam katli by mixing almond flour with Milkmaid . Add cardamom powder to it and mix into thick consistency.

. Transfer the prepared mixture into ghee polished tart tin and smoothen it into tart tin shape. Refrigerate for 1 hour.

. Till then melt chocolate conventure by double boiler method by adding Ghee and fresh cream to it. Then add dates syrup to it for added sweetness. Once it comes to the flowy texture .

. After that transfer this chocolate syrup onto refrigerated Badam katli. Then refrigerate for 2 hours.

. Then transfer the chocolate ganache into piping bag and decorate the refrigerated tart . Garnish with some almonds .

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